Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan

More and more people are wishing to plan for a funeral well in advance of that need. With this in mind we have introduced our funeral planning scheme.

The F A Albin & Sons Prearranged Funeral Trust was formed over 20 years ago and is supported and safeguarded by independent Trustees to ensure that all requirements are met at the time of need. Each client is very special and will be given the same help, time and consideration as any person arranging a funeral at the time of need.

F A Albin & Sons Prearranged Funeral Trust is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

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Please do not hesitate to ring any of our offices for any further information you may require or for a personal appointment without obligation.

Pre-Arranged Funerals

Laurel plan (pre-payment)

Designed to give you the peace of mind of knowing that those you leave behind are secure in the knowledge that your very own funeral arrangements and cost are trusted to us. The Laurel Funeral Payment Scheme allows you, with complete flexibility, to plan any kind of funeral you wish, from the most simple to the most complicated, at a price to suit you. The funeral is paid for at the price applicable and estimated for you at the time. You are able to pay amounts over an agreed period. The funeral cost is guaranteed at that price subject to the rules and guidelines set out here. We believe in you and respect your freedom of choice at all times. You will remain safe in the knowledge that your arrangements will be guaranteed to a standard of care shown by our family for many years past and by ourselves in years to come.

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Pre-Arranged Funerals

Foresight plan

A chance to say and record your own funeral instructions, with no charge of any kind. This will ensure that the funeral is carried out in accordance with your wishes. One of our funeral arrangers, in private consultation, will take these instructions, file them safely, and give you a copy to keep. If you wish we will also help you arrange a Will. This is a free service offered to the community and the families we serve.

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The Funeral Plan

All our funeral plans are totally flexible in design. They are available at a very affordable price, starting from a practical basic funeral package, fully inclusive of fees, involving all necessary requirements for those wanting a very respectful and quiet service (please ask to see information on Sovereign Package).

All prices will be given upon request at the beginning of your enquiry without further involvement or obligation to yourselves. We are able to give accurate costing immediately. Please do not be afraid to contact us.

You will find that all our family are understanding and caring and always have time for your enquiries. Ring us with a view to visiting us as you may need to clear your mind about funeral costs. Home visits available on special request. Basic Charges are broken down as follows:

  • Professional Charge: Attendance of personal and professionally trained staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Care and preparation of the deceased, arranging and conducting the funeral, providing bearers as necessary. Attending to all legalities and administration. Use of all facilities, mortuary and preparation equipment, arranging facilities and Chapels of Rest. All deceased are washed, prepared and dressed respectfully.
  • Coffin or Casket (A large choice available from the most simple to the most elaborate)
  • Hearse for conveyance of deceased
  • Limousine if required
  • Embalming Plus fees i.e. Doctor’s papers for cremation only, Minister’s fee, Crematorium or Cemetery fee.
  • Administration fees

Albin provides many other services which can be included in your plan, please refer to the section titled Albins’ Services for a full list of our services.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Funerals at the level agreed with Members are guaranteed with no extra cost, subject to Rule 10. Any extra requirements of family or friends will be charged separately at the time of a funeral.
  2. Wills and any other documents deposited with F. A. Albin & Sons will be retained in total confidence and will be made available to Members Executors or Personal Representatives following their demise.
  3. Members may change their minds at any time about keeping their plans. If they change their minds within forty two days from the date on which the pre-payment has been made, the Trustees will refund their entire pre-payments including membership fees. After forty two days their pre-payment will be refunded less membership fees and less any exceptional charges, for example the purchase of a grave or casket, at the discretion of F. A. Albin & Sons. The Trustees absolute guarantee is for the provision of Members funerals. The Trustees will undertake to work with Members should their circumstances change and they require a refund but management charges which will be agreed with Members may be taken to cover the costs of administering and running the Trust. Instructions to the Trustees regarding Members plans may also be changed by them at any time but there may be, at the discretion of the Trustees, a small charge, which will be agreed with Members, levied for this service.
  4. At the time of death of a Member, F. A. Albin & Sons guarantee to undertake the funeral in accordance with the provisions of the plan. The funds of the Member at the time become the property of F. A. Albin & Sons to undertake the service and from the date of death the funds are not returnable. The instructions given in confidence to F. A. Albin & Sons by the Member must be followed with regard to Funeral Arrangements.
  5. The Trustees and F. A. Albin & Sons regard Pre-Arranged Funerals as a commitment by both parties that at all times should be reasonably adhered to. F. A. Albin & Sons guarantee to undertake the funeral as planned to the highest standard.
  6. Payment may be made in instalments over twelve months, twenty four months or thirty six months. There will be a small administrative charge, which will be agreed with Members, for this service. Longer terms may be agreed at the discretion of F. A. Albin & Sons.
  7. All plans exclude the cost of transportation of the deceased from outside of the mainland U.K. There may be a collection charge if the deceased dies outside of the Greater London area.
  8. If a Member should die before full payment, but within the agreed part payment period, the funeral is agreed at the price originally set, but payment in full must be made before the funeral.
  9. In the case of a Member not completing the terms of the payment agreed, only the amount paid can be put towards the said Member’s funeral which will be set at the price in respect of the required funeral at the time of need. The agreement to a plan only becomes operative if all payments are made by the member in accordance with the members individual plan, or at the discretion of F. A. Albin & Sons.
  10. Value Added Tax (VAT) is not currently charged upon the provision of a funeral. The total amount payable for the chosen funeral plan is exclusive of VAT. Should VAT or any other similar turnover or sales related tax become chargeable on funerals or the funeral plan as a result of U.K. or E.U. legislation, F. A. Albin & Sons reserves the right to recover such costs in addition to the total amount payable under the plan. This right to recover costs may also apply to increases in grave opening or cremation fees where the increase is unforeseen and in excess of the Retail Prices Index. This will not apply to general increases.
  11. A list of the Trustees from time to time can be inspected by appointment at the offices of F. A. Albin & Sons along with this Trust Deed and the latest Annual Accounts of the Pre-Arranged Funeral Trust.
  12. A Member who is dissatisfied for any reason with any part of their Funeral Plan or with the service provided by F A Albin & Sons , should, in the first place, contact F A Albin & Sons using any of the methods detailed below.
    1. To speak to one of our friendly team call: 0207 237 3637 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm).
    2. Email:
    3. Write to us at  F A Albins & Sons, 52 Culling Road, London, SE16 2TN
    4. F A Albin & Sons will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days of receiving it and will aim to resolve it within 20 working days of receiving it.
  13. If F A Albin & Sons cannot resolve a complaint to the satisfaction of the Member, the Member should contact The Funeral Planning Authority Limited, of Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ, (email: Funeral Planning Authority provides an independent conciliation and arbitration service through The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. F A Albin & Sons will co-operate with the redress procedures and participate in the independent conciliation and arbitration service and are bound by the decision of the arbitrator.
  14. All contracts shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.