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Hello everyone

The memorial in memory of Dad is now complete. It really is a fitting tribute to him.

We have previously notified you that the memorial garden is open for a longer period on Sunday so for the sake of clarity the opening hours for the office and garden are as follows:

Monday – Friday

Office             9am – 5pm

Garden          9am – 5pm


Office             9am – 2pm

Garden          9am – 2pm


Office             10am – 12pm

Garden          10am – 3pm

We are pleased to report that the wedding of Danny O’Callaghan to his partner Jay took place on 21th May. We wish them well for their future life together. Danny has been an integral part of our team for over nine years. Danny not only acts as chauffeur/ bearer but has conducted a number of funerals to a very high standard. We are very pleased that he has progressed so well during his career at Albins.

Jay began her association with Albins at the age of 18 after singing at a family funeral, and the firm has supported her career ever since. Jay graduated with honours from the Royal Academy of Music and has sung at many funerals over the years.

Danny’s proud mother, Shirley has also been employed by the company for over four years as manager of our Walworth branch since it opened. The branch has gone from strength to strength and much is due to Shirley’s invaluable contribution.

We will issue details of the memorial service to remember Dad on 25 June at St James’ Church in the next 14 days.


Kind regards to you all


Simon, Jon & all of our families