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Barry’s Diary – January 2015

By 6th January 2015No Comments


Hi Everybody

I would like to start by wishing you all a happy, peaceful, prosperous but most of all healthy New Year!

To see you all together at the Memorial Service was truly uplifting and wonderful for me personally and although I was somewhat unwell with a chest infection from that day onwards which got considerably worse over the Christmas and New Year period, you’ll be very pleased to hear that after a few days in hospital on the recommendation of my consultant, I’m on the road to recovery and feeling a lot better. But I’m doing as I’m told as I’m still in need of a couple more days in hospital to be on the safe side so this month’s diary page actually comes from my hospital bed!

My sincere thanks to my GP Dr Holden, my Oncologist Lucy Brazil and all the staff at London Bridge Hospital for their care and attention throughout this period – I have been in the best possible hands and am truly grateful.

I’ve had a lot of your messages relayed to me and very much appreciate all your care and concern. It means a great deal to me.

I hope you all enjoyed the garden service this year. I thought Simon, Jon and Greg did a great job and I know they are already planning and looking forward to next years’ service which will be on Wednesday, 2 December.
I very much hope that all the staff enjoy a healthier and less troubled year ahead as sadly four of the girls at Albins lost their dads this past year and Lee, who many of you know has worked for me for over 20 years, sadly lost his sister this year also. God bless them all

On a much happier note as we enter the new year, Danny O’Callaghan and his partner Jay await the arrival of their second child very soon… A lovely way to start 2015!

I am most grateful to my two sons for continuing to run the business so well and to all the staff who support us. It means a great deal to us and I thank you all.

I’m continuing with the writing of my new book and am now on the 10th chapter and looking forward to finishing it soon.

For those of you who may not have caught it the first time it was shown in 2003, the television series ‘Don’t Drop the Coffin’ is to be repeated on the London Live Chanel starting this Wednesday (7th) at 8pm.

Simon is now recovering very well after his knee operation my grandson Danny continues to do very well indeed following his surgery – Please God long may it continue.
Personally prior to this recent setback, I have been doing very well on my chemo treatment and am due the next round this coming Wednesday – so fingers crossed all will be well with my blood tests!

Well that’s all for now my dear friends and I look forward to being back in Bermondsey and seeing you all very soon.
God Bless