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Barry’s Diary – June 2015 Update


Dear Friends,

How can we both begin……

We are truly overwhelmed by the kind words of comfort and support for our Dad, his family and our team.

We have printed all the messages and put them into a book which we are reading as a family, out loud to Dad and also to the team at our breakfast meetings. We have also read about some special ideas of things people would like to do to show their support for Dad such as tying ribbons or balloons along the fence of our Memorial Garden.

Dad is still fighting hard and just knowing that people want to do this means the world to him and us, but at this time we must be thoughtful of the people and the bereaved families we are caring for. It’s what our Dad would be most concerned about.

We both commend each and every member of the Albins team for their wonderful work and support through this time – They are incredible. They are all like family and this is very hard on all of them, so we fear that tributes at this time might make it harder to focus on the important job we do.

We are so full of pride and gratitude.

Please keep praying for our Dad.

Thank you. Thank You. Thank you.

Simon & Jon