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Barry’s Diary – June 2015


Dear Friends,

We have been putting off this update in the hope that Dad would recover and be able to update you with his own words, but unfortunately his condition has now deteriorated.

Dad came home from hospital two weeks ago, but his illness has progressed and very sadly for everyone he is no longer able to receive further treatment. He has faced his illness at every stage with courage and with all his will, and we can assure you that continues. It is a battle he has fought with his family and all of you, his friends. From the very beginning you have been behind him and we remind him every day of your well wishes, thoughts and prayers….After all there is nothing more powerful.

It will be no surprise to you to know that his immediate concerns are not for himself, but as ever are for his family’s wellbeing, the business and that people are being cared for the way he has taught us all….the Albins way…. His way.

Dad is at home with his family where he is comfortable and free from pain. His faith remains strong as does ours.

Thank you with all our hearts for your continued love and support.

God bless you all.

Simon & Jon