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Barry’s Diary – May 2015


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late update this month but it’s not been my best couple of weeks by far and I’m actually writing this from my hospital bed after being admitted again on Monday.

After feeling very poorly over the weekend and especially not doing so well on Monday morning, my Consultant Lucy advised that I should be admitted for some tests to see what was going on and we now know that I have been suffering with another chest infection which knocked me for six again..!! Unfortunately that is a consequence of having a low immune system due to my illness and all my treatment, but thanks to the prompt action of Lucy and all the team and the high doses of anti-biotics and steroids I’ve had, I have to say I’m feeling very much better today.

So here I am once again in a hospital bed, surrounded and cared for by the most wonderful nursing staff and of course my family and being ‘ordered’ to rest completely to give my body the best chance to fight the infection. I have been inundated with so many lovely messages and get well wishes and I want to thank everybody who has been in touch, sent cards or said prayers for me.

Sadly I’m under strict doctor’s orders at the moment not to receive too many visitors and I’m unable to answer calls and texts etc. but it means the world to me to know you are all thinking of me and wishing me well and I’m looking forward to getting strong again and being in back in Bermondsey soon.

My boys, Jackie and Laura will keep everyone updated on my progress.

Take care of each other – Life is precious.

Be in touch again shortly