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Dear All,

Dad’s funeral held on 20th June really was a special day!

Dad would have been so proud. The way you came out to pay your respects for our Dad was truly overwhelming and made us both immensely proud. The tribute in the Blue Market Square was very moving and the turnout incredible. We were able to pass by some of the most memorable places from Dad’s life in and around Bermondsey.

The service in Dockhead Church was lovely and we thank those who were unable to get a seat inside for their patience and resilience outside. Also the round of applause you gave Dad as we left church and at ‘The Blue’ was very fitting. Dad loved Bermondsey and especially its people. He always said they were the best and you all certainly proved him right on Saturday.

Dad was eventually laid to rest in his Memorial Garden alongside his mother Mary, father George and nan Liz and also Fred and Peggy Albin.

It has been a difficult time as you can imagine for all of us at Albins, but the messages of support and the love we have felt from everybody around us has given us all great strength.

There are pictures of the day on our website and the professional film that was taken will also be available at a later date. If you were unable to get there but would like an Order of Service, they will be available in all our branches. The Eulogies prepared by myself and Jon are available to read on our website too as well as the Order of Service.

Dad has left a lasting legacy that will live on at Albins and he will never be forgotten.

A massive heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to you all


Simon, Jon & all of our families.


Maybe you sent a lovely card, or sat quietly in a chair.

Maybe you sent Barry flowers, if so we saw them there.

Maybe you spoke the kindest words that any friend could say.

Or maybe you weren’t there at all, but just thought of us that day.

Whatever you did to console us – however small the part.

We thank you all for your kindness from the bottom of our hearts.